Gifting Cookies // DIY Wrapping Paper

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My 85 year old neighbor recently celebrated her birthday. I wanted to do something nice for her to celebrate her special day. {This post could also be titled: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies part II}. Since these cookies are always such a hit, I thought I would make a bunch and take them over to her. The best part about giving gifts is of course wrapping them. Am I right? (I secretly find joy in doing this). So I got creative.

What you need:

-Brown Paper


-Water bottle cap

1// Dip your cap in paint.


2// Press cap onto paper, create desired pattern.


3// Wrap! I sealed my cookies in some plastic wrap first, then wrapped them with my DIY wrapping paper, and of course tied a bow around it all.



My little friend loved it. (“Best cookies I have ever tasted!”).


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