The Soho Blouse by See Kate Sew


First of all, I apologize for the radio silence! I have been busy working on the Olivia & Adam project lately- having two kids under two can be quite a challenge most days. (See tired eyes pictured above!).

Back in April I started working on the Soho Blouse by See Kate Sew. I used a size SMALL pattern and was disappointed by how big the shirt turned out to be. A little frustrated, I put it away. I’ve been on a big cleaning/organizing kick these past few days and found my unfinished Soho Blouse. After a few quick alterations, it turned out beautifully! I would recommend going down one size to accommodate the size discrepancy. (This is just what I found worked for me). The pattern was fairly easy to put together with great step-by-step instructions. The results are fabulous, I love my Soho Blouse!

Kate recommends not using a knit fabric, which I did. I used a cotton fabric for my lining to help make the top part of the blouse a little more sturdy. I didn’t have any issues putting it together. I found my fabric in the discount aisle at Joann’s. (woohoo!). Here’s to jumping back in, two kids and all!


2 thoughts on “The Soho Blouse by See Kate Sew

  1. Any specifics on how to alter? I just took mine all apart as it was too tent like…I want to love this top, but just not sure where to start?? Thanks in advance for any help!


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