Project Sew My Style February: Saunio Cardigan

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How is it already the end of February!? Happy Saunio month! Confession: I really struggled with this pattern! It’s not really something I would choose to make on my own, and I’m also not a big layering person. I also struggled with finding the perfect fabric for this pattern. But that is why I love Project Sew My Style so much, it get’s me out of my fashion comfort zone…



While searching through nearly EVERY online fabric shop, I struggled with finding something that would transition well into spring. BUT I prevailed! While scrolling through Fabric Godmother’s website, I laid eyes on just what I was looking for. A beautiful aloe colored boiled wool; a perfect color for spring and the perfect weight and warmth for the seasonal shift. The color is just gorgeous. ANNNNDDD good news: Fabric Godmother is kindly offering 10% of all orders until March 25th using code “SARAPROJECT10”.



Back to this pattern. So I wasn’t sure about how I would like it… that is until I finished it. I LOVE this cardigan. The shape is super fun, it’s so cozy to wear, and the color brightens up every outfit.

I made up the size that worked closest with my measurements, and I love the fit. I sewed it all up in a single night, it’s super quick (and if you use a boiled wool, no seam finishing is needed!). I didn’t use interfacing because the wool is pretty thick, and it holds it’s shape well without it. I’m so excited to see everyone else’s version!


If you’re feeling inspired to sew up a Saunio of your own, Named Clothing is offering 20% off the Saunio Cardigan Pattern using code “Sauniorocks”.

Up next for March: Megan Nielsen’s Virginia Leggings!! I’ve already got my fabric ready to go for this one and I can’t wait to show you! Happy Sewing!

3 thoughts on “Project Sew My Style February: Saunio Cardigan

  1. Wow this looks gorgeous. That blue is stunning. I would not have chosen this pattern myself either as its a bit oversized for my liking. However, I’ll have to rethink this after seeing your version because I like the way that it has more of a jacket rather than a cardigan feel by using the boiled wool.


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