Dove Blouse in Windowpane Plaid


Introducing my windowpane plaid dove blouse! I’m in love with this shirt. It’s light and airy and perfect for warm fall days. I LOVE the bell sleeves, and v-neck details. My plaid matching skills could have been better on this one. Allie from Indiesew suggested using starch to help add more stability to the fabric, I’m planning on trying that next time. The pattern is from Indiesew and you can find the last of this fabric at Fancy Tiger Crafts.


The pattern was a pretty quick sew with great instructions. The fit is great based off of my measurements. This pattern comes with three sleeve options: 3/4, flare sleeves and bell sleeves. The fabric is a rayon crepe, and a little tricky to work with, at least for matching plaids. I probably tried 4-5 different times and ways to make it match up, with no luck. Sometimes you just have to walk away, and walk away I did.


Annnnnnd surprise! I have a little secret I’ve been hiding…


We’re expecting baby #3 in March, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel a bit like I’ve been dragging to get things done these past few months, but hopefully the exhaustion and 8:00 o’clock bedtime will soon let up. Get ready for lots of maternity hacks!

For this top, all I did was grade out one size from just under the dart to the hem and I also added 1″ in length. I raised the v-neck by 1″ for added modesty, it was a little too low for me. There’s definitely room to grow into this top and I’m hoping it lasts through winter. We’ll see!

Also, fall! It’s finally fall and I couldn’t be happier. The weather is so perfect right now, and I want to make all the cozy things. I’m loving all my makes from last fall/winter that kind of still fit, for now. Ahhhh I just love fall, and I may or may not be watching Gilmore Girls right now…


Thanks for reading along, friends! I’ll be back soon with some more fall sewing inspo!

The Fen Dress with Indie Sew


Hey Everyone! I’m back with another great pattern to add to your fall sewing list. I was recently invited to become a member of the Indie Sew Blogger Team. If you don’t already know, Indie Sew is a fabulous website with a great selection of indie patterns and fabric! Their website is such a great resource when looking for inspiration. I was provided with a pattern and fabric of my choice, and I chose to sew up the Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts with this beautiful bold floral crepe de chine fabric.



I’ve had my eye on the Fen Dress ever since it came out. It’s a loose fitting dress, with a drop sleeve. I love the simplicity of it. It’s a really great garment to take your wardrobe from end of summer through winter. I’m excited to layer this dress with cardigans and tights as it’s gets cooler out. I also want to make some kind of a black choker, bow tie type thing to go around my neck paired with this dress and black tights. I think that could be a really fun look.

The pattern was easy to put together, I was finished after just two nights of sewing. (That’s how I plan out my projects, by calculating how many nights its going to take to finish because that’s usually my only time to sew).  I made the size 2, and I did make a few alterations to the original pattern. I added 4 1/2″ in length to the front skirt pattern piece, and straightened out the hemline. For the back skirt pattern piece, I added 3 1/2″ to the length, and kept the original hemline. (These are the measurements that lined up the side seams for me, so just make sure your side seams line up with added length because they aren’t the same for both front and back).

Here’s how I straightened my front hem:


Something I would do differently for the next time around is change the neckline. The neckline is great, but I would probably bring it in a little from the shoulders. My hair is kind of covering it up, but it’s a bit wider than I would like. Just a personal preference.

All in all, I really love how my Fen Dress turned out. I know this dress will be worn a lot though the coming months. I want to try making a linen short sleeve version for the spring on my next go with this pattern. Really lovely!


Okay, now can I talk about how much I love this fabric!? The color! The print! Too many good things to say. I noticed Allie posted this print in her Instagram story and I instantly knew that this was the fabric I wanted to sew my Fen Dress with. It’s even more gorgeous in person!  I just love it. *(I’m sorry to say this fabric is now sold out). 


I have to stop and talk about my lipstick. I love wearing lipstick and I was recently introduced to Lip Sense. If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a lip color that lasts through out the whole day. Being a mother of two little ones, it’s not always smart to wear lipstick on the daily. It rubs off all over my kids sweet faces from all the kisses I give them, or on their clothes when they sit on my lap, etc. Lip Sense is really great because it doesn’t come off, and it lasts through out my whole day. It’s my new favorite, and I had to share! I’m wearing the color Brick in these photos. Head over to my friend Madeyln’s facebook page and message her for more info. She’s also offering all of my readers 10% off your order using the code ‘sara10’ until Friday September 23rd at 9pm MST. Check it out!


Thanks again to Indie Sew! I’ll be back soon with more Indie Sew inspiration for you!