DIY Wired Fabric Head Wraps

I recently found these head wraps at Nordstrom and Forever 21 and instantly knew I had to make some for myself. These are great because you can use scraps of fabric you may have lying around your house. They are easy to make, and stay in place all day because of the wire inside. YouContinue reading “DIY Wired Fabric Head Wraps”

DIY Knotted Fabric Bow Clip

I created this knotted fabric bow to go along with a dress I recently made for my daughter. This bow takes minutes to put together, and is a great accessory for any baby girl. Here’s how I made it: 1. Create your pattern. My pattern is 6″ long x 2″ wide with rounded ends. CutContinue reading “DIY Knotted Fabric Bow Clip”