Podcasts + Prophetic Dialogue

I’m a mama of two little ones by day, and when it’s bed time I thoroughly look forward to jumping back into my current project in progress. Lately I have been listening to sewing podcasts while I sew. I’m totally addicted. I’ve been having so much fun hearing different points of view, and learning how some big names have gotten started in their businesses. A few nights ago I listened to While She Naps Episode #51 featuring Christine Haynes. I really enjoyed listening to this particular podcast because Christine discusses all the processes behind her pattern business, and she talks about how she has outsourced and gotten help with some things. I really thought most of these women have done almost everything by themselves, and I really enjoyed her honesty in discussing what she has done herself and what she has gotten some help with. I feel like most people keep these details a secret, and it’s hard for someone just starting out in a business to figure it all out. It helped me better understand that starting a business is totally doable, it’s okay to get outside help, and some tips on how to do it all. I’m always inspired by others’ backgrounds and stories of how they began, figured out their niche and found success.


Christine has written some awesome books about sewing. While listening to her podcast, I noticed I had one of her books I recently checked out from the library. It’s called How to Speak Fluent Sewing: The Indispensable Illustrated Guide to Sewing and Fabric Terminology. It really is Indispensable! It’s a great guide for new sewists, and sewists who have been going at it all the while. I learned a few new things myself! I follow a lot of bloggers and sewists from the UK, and sometimes they use terms I have never heard. One such term I’ve seen many times is “Toile” (also known as muslin). I finally learned what it means! Haha.

The Podcasts I’ve recently discovered and love are:

  1. While She Naps
  2. Seamwork Radio
  3. Thread Cult
  4. Modern Sewciety Podcast

In all of the podcasts I’ve been listening to, they all discuss the joy that comes from working with ones hands. I believe there is a real power behind creating, that brings feelings of success and happiness. I have to say that’s one of my main motivating factors behind my own blog. I feel so accomplished when I finish a new garment. I feel like I spent my time well. I also feel like I am happier when I spend time sewing. Being a mother is the best job I could ever ask for, and there is nothing else I would rather be doing, but having some sort of a creative outlet has helped me to really focus on my kids and family during the day, because I know I have something I get to do for me once they are asleep. Truly, I have such a passion for sewing, it’s hard not to think about my new projects all day. I’m glad to have a hobby that I love so much, and a place to share it.

On another note:


Over the weekend my family and I got to spend time together listening to the words of our Prophet and his apostles. Our church holds a General Conference meeting twice a year with four 2-hour sessions (+ a 2 hour session just for women and a 2 hour session just for men). It is marvelous. My heart is so full from the words that were spoken of and for families, women, and the ultimate plan of salvation and happiness. Below are some of my favorite talks given by the leaders of our church, feel free to watch and listen! You won’t regret it.

You can find and watch all of the talks here. I have to say I really loved every single talk given in this conference, but a few of my favorites were:

I loved this talk by Rosemary M. Wixom given to women, she talks about our divine nature, and our individual purpose in this life.

Another talk given during Women’s Conference I love love loved was give by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He tells a beautiful story about a girl and her great aunt, and how we can be happy, skipping through life, no matter what our circumstance may be. You can watch it here.

One of my MOST favorite talks was given by President Russell M. Nelson. He counsels to all women and speaks of the impact we can and must have here today on this earth. This on touched me the very most. You can watch it here.

And most importantly are the words spoken by our dear Prophet President Thomas S. Monson. You can find his words of truth here.

I am always so positively impacted and uplifted by General Conference. I know all of these words spoken are true, and I sustain these great men and women of faith. You can find more at lds.org.