Rugby Dress with Harmony

  You guys, this is my new go to winter dress. It. Is. Everything. I recently visited one of my MOST favorite fabric shops here in Utah. It’s called Harmony and it’s located at 315 E Center Street, Provo. You can also find them on Instagram @harmonyprovo. It is the most charming fabric store I’veContinue reading “Rugby Dress with Harmony”

The Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills with Michael Levine

First of all, let’s talk about this fabric. This Genuine Handwoven Ikat is what my summer dreams are made of. It’s from Michael Levine fabrics, and it is simply breath taking. I also have another print in blue because one is definitely not enough! You can find this print, and many other on their website. The patternContinue reading “The Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills with Michael Levine”