Baby Leggings Sewing Tutorial










These are so incredibly easy and FAST to make. (One hour tops!). This is my first project EVER made with knit fabric. It’s not as scary as it looks! With the right needle and stitch… who needs a serger? (Let’s be honest, I would love one). The fabric used is Windham Fabrics: Briar Rose by Heather Ross. (Strawberry in Lilac). I’ve had my eye on this fabric for quite a while, and finally saw it in person at a local quilt shop. These leggings and knotted turban combined used less than a 1/2 yard of fabric. I would get a 1/2 yard just to be safe. (I always get extra fabric). Hope you love these as much as I do!!

10 thoughts on “Baby Leggings Sewing Tutorial

  1. I love these! Bought some knit fabric today to attempt this. I am a beginner and was wondering if you washed your fabric before sewing?


  2. I am have trouble understanding what you are trying to say in step #4. ” 3″ length and hip width-2″ for width. Can you help??


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