College Days + Simplicity 2989

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My love for sewing began at Brigham Young Univeristy, where I studied clothing construction. There wasn’t a “clothing construction” or “fashion design” major available, so I found the closest thing to it, and took every sewing course I could find. During one of the courses, we had an assignment to sew a little girls dress. I chose to use this Simplicity 2989 pattern. At the time, I didn’t know any 3-year old girls that I could try my dress on so I just stuffed it in the back of my closet hoping that someday I would get married for one, and two, have a little girl to give it to. Well, 6ish years later and here she is! It was so fun to get this little dress back out of the closet and see it in full action. Even better, my two year old daughter happily obliged to model in it for me. Watching her hilariously pose and twirl in this dress was one of the best things i’ve ever witnessed. Too funny for words.

The pattern was simple to put together, and my just barely two year old fits perfectly in the size 3. I love the charming peter pan collar and the puffy sleeves. I’m so glad I kept it around for a few years!!

*Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the fabric line used. It was purchased at Joann’s.


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