Tinkerbell: Simplicity 1792








Thanks to Netflix hosting ALL of the Tinkerbell Movies, my two year old daughter has been telling everyone she is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween…. since July. I was considering making the pattern myself until I found Simplicity 1792 Disney Fairies. It’s a beautiful pattern, so I went with it instead, and I’m so glad I did. I had so much fun putting this costume together. The tulle skirt was a little more time consuming to construct, but the results are amazing. This is probably one of my favorite garments I’ve sewn. I did have to take up the shoulders, and take in the bodice to fit my daughter. The length was just perfect as it was. I went with size 2. To save time and my sanity, I bought her fairy wings online at Target. All supplies were purchased at JoAnn’s. I’m very happy with this pattern and design, and so is my daughter!

I could tell she felt beautiful in this dress just by the way she carried herself. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I can’t even”, and also appropriate, “I die”. This is going to be the best Halloween yet. And who is Tinkerbell without her Pan? Up next, my little man and his handmade Peter Pan costume…

“The smell of someone who has ridden the back of the wind, Peter. The smell of a hundred fun summers, with sleeping in trees and adventures with Indians and Pirates. Oh remember, Peter? The world was ours. We could do everything or nothing. All it had to be was anything ’cause it was always us.”

-Tinkerbell (Hook)



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