Flannel Archer Button Up Shirt







Things have been slow going lately with my two year old rearranging her sleep schedule, and a nine month old first time teether… whew! BUT! Amidst it all I was able to finally finish my Archer Button Up Shirt! You guys!!!! I love this shirt. It was more of a challenge, but I loved relearning how to put a tailored shirt together. (it’s been since my college days!).

I chose a thick flannel. It was a little tricky to work with because it had some stretch to it. My plaid is not perfectly aligned as you can clearly see, and my pockets are a little off, but I’m proud to say that everything else turned out pretty perfect. This shirt is soooo warm. I plan to wear it EVERY snow day this season, or maybe I should just make a few more…

I wanted my shirt to be a bit bigger and looser. I went one size up, and added about 1 1/2″ in length. It’s just what I pictured in my mind. The pattern is very clear with step by step graphics, and an online sew-a-long + a few videos are also available to help assist if there may be any confusion. Everything was pretty simple to follow, I had the hardest time just getting my plaid to match. Now that I understand how all of the pieces work, I think it would be a lot easier my second go around.

Bottom line: this is such a great basic button up shirt pattern that I will be remaking over and over again. Thank you for a great pattern Grainline Studio!

7 thoughts on “Flannel Archer Button Up Shirt

  1. Wow! I love it Sara!! I´m really into this kind of shirts lately, and yours is absolutely gorgeous! I have the Grainline pattern, so I think it´s time now to sew one for me 🙂 The sew-along is in the Grainline web page right? Thanks!!



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