Pieced Envelope Pillow with Piping







Every year, spring comes and all I want to do is freshen up my living space. I love this tutorial because you can use pillow forms you already have, and simply recover them. I decided to go for a pieced geometrical look for my new pillow covers. I will show you how I pieced my pillow cover fronts, made my pillow covers using an envelope method (no zippers here), and if you choose, how to use piping to give your pillows an added lift.


Pillow Forms (I really love the down pillow forms from ikea)

Fabric- Based off pillow measurements, you will need the exact measurement of your pillow for the front (example: 20″ x 20″), and exact measurement of pillow for back plus 6″ added to the length (example: 20″ x 26″). I bought 71/2 yards of fabric for 6 pillows ranging in size, and had a little left over. All of my fabrics are from Hancock Fabrics. You could also use fabric you already have on hand if your going to piece them together like I did.

Piping- (optional)

First off, I drew up some ideas for 7 new pillows. I drew them using 4×4 squares. This is what I came up with:


Next I made life size patterns of these designs. You will make your pattern the exact size as your pillow. So if your pillow is 20″ x 20″, thats how big your square pattern piece will be. Then draw out your pattern.

Before you cut out your pattern pieces, decide which fabrics you will use for which pieces. I cut out one piece at a time so I could keep track of everything. So cut one piece out of pattern, and then cut that same piece out of your fabric. (Make sure to cut a seam allowance around any edge that will be attached to another piece. This is every inside edge).


Sew your pieces together, and iron as you go. Done!


Now we are ready to make our whole envelope pillow cover. Now we need to cut out the backing for our pillows. This is really simple. So we have our 20″ x 20″ pillow face. (pictured above). The backing will be 20″ wide x 20″ + 6″ long. so 20″ wide X 26″ long. No matter how big your pillow is, you will just add 6 inched in length to the original pillow length measurement.

so here is my 20″ x 26″ back piece:


Cut it exactly in half:


Finish the two inside edges, (the ones we just cut) by ironing at 1/4″, and again at 1/4″, and sew to finish. (use thread that matches, I used white so you can see it for the tutorial. (sorry I used a different color fabric here):


Now you have all your pieces ready for the last step. At this point if you would like to add piping, scroll down to the section titled PIPING.

Right sides together, lay your two back pieces on top of the front piece, and pin.


Sew at 1/2″, and trim your corners. Flip inside out and insert pillow!

PIPING: Now if you would like to take it up a notch, you can add piping. I think the piping gives the pillow a more professional finish. I did a mix of pillows with piping and without piping. Here is how you insert your piping, it’s super easy:

Start out by pining you piping to your pillow cover front piece. Get your zipper foot ready.


I just started out with one pin to get going, and just used my hands to keep the piping in place as I went around. Make sure you are sewing right up against the cording!


Keep sewing until you are a few inches away from your corner. Clip along your piping edge where the piping will be sewn to the corner. Slowly sew around corner edge, staying close to cording:


Keep sewing just like this until you are a few inches from you began sewing:


Unpick the two piping edges to reveal the cording. Cut your two cording pieces to match up and lay flat against one another.


Wrap the piping fabric around the two pieces of cording so it lays flat, and pin it all together. Finish sewing.


FullSizeRender (1)

Now lay your two back pieces and front piece right sides together, and use your pins to create a visual trail right up against your piping.


Sew all the way around using your zipper foot again, and staying right up against piping.


Clip your edges. Turn right side out, and insert pillow form!


I love the way these new pillows brighten my home. I’m ready for ya spring! Enjoy guys!

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