Spoonflower Gauze + McCall’s 7544



Hey friends! I recently did a really fun collaboration with Spoonflower to help launch their gauze fabric! This fabric is typically used to make baby blankets, but it works great for garments too! I love the soft texture of gauze after it’s washed, and the laid back vibe it gives to any garment. I picked the French Linen Sedona print, and I love the boho vibe it gives paired with this pattern. It’s a great match! Plus anything in white is perfect for summer.



I sewed up this top using McCall’s 7544, with a few adjustments! I lengthened the front and back yokes, and added a bell sleeve to my version. Check out my post over on Spoonflower’s blog for a full sew-along and pattern adjustment tutorial!

I really love the loose shape of this top. It’s so comfy to wear and dresses up really nicely.




Thanks for reading along and as always, happy sewing!

Shop my look: 


-shoes (on sale!)

-pants (with a few inches cut off).


Spoonflower provided me the fabric for this post. 

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