Velvet Ebony Dress with Stylish Fabric


I’m in full blown fall sewing mode over here, anyone else? I’m trying to add pieces I can wear now while it’s still pretty warm and on through the fall as it starts to cool down. I can feel fall in the air! Velvet is a HUGE trend for fall this year and Stylish Fabric has just what you need! They have so many colors in this gorgeous, drapey stretch velvet. I saw this Old Rose color and instantly pictured a easy swing dress, specifically the Ebony Dress by Closet Case Files.



I’ve used this pattern before for the t-shirt option. I wear it all the time, and was eager to try out the dress variation. I love it! It has just the right amount of volume without being too much. It’s super comfortable to wear and easy to dress up or down. I will be living in this dress! I made one alteration by adding 4″ in length, which ended up being perfect. I also chose the 3/4 sleeves length and added another 1″. Next time I think I would go up one sleeve size, and add a little more length. The armscye also feels a little high, so I would need to lower it a little on my next go. Other than that this dress is a hit!



A few tips for sewing with stretch velvet!

  1. Pay attention to the way the light hits the fabric. It’s different from different directions depending on the nap. Decide what you like best!
  2. Treat stretch velvet just like a knit. Use a ball point needle or serger to sew. Finish hems just as you would a knit. (I used a stretch twin needle).
  3. I washed mine on delicate in warm water in my washing machine, and then dried it on delicate as well. It washes up great!

It’s really quite easy to use, and the results are stunning. It’s a perfect fabric choice for fall and winter! (and pretty much every season it seems!).



Thanks so much for reading along. Now go grab some stretch velvet for yourself! It’s only $7.65 a yard and you cant beat that! Happy sewing friends!

This is a collaboration between Stylish Fabric and myself. All opinions are my own. 

9 thoughts on “Velvet Ebony Dress with Stylish Fabric

  1. I have the ebony pattern but I haven’t made it up yet (I was thinking it should be on my cutting table for NEXT seeing yours!) I would go for this fabric if it were made from a natural fibre but this poly fiber I always find just too hot to wear which is too bad because it is REALLY pretty!


  2. Hi
    Just purchased this pattern and have a gorgeous black velvet with flowers. I would like to adjust the length like you did but can’t get my head around how to do it! I can see the line where to lengthen or shorten but the pattern then does not seem to align.
    Any help would be grateful
    Thanks x


    1. Hello! So sorry for my VERY late reply! I’m sure you have figured this out by now but just in case, you will need to redraw the side seam line yourself (using a ruler) to make it match up, it will be slightly different from the original line! You just have to redraw it to match up the two pieces along the side seam. Hopefully that makes sense!! Best of luck.


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