The Sara Project’s Favorite Things Gift Guide for the Home Sewist

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

Hey everyone! Christmas is nearly here and I’ve gathered some of my favorite things to add to either your own Christmas wishlist, or to give to your favorite sewist! This list is also great for birthdays, or any other gift giving occasion. Scroll down to read why I love each item on my list, and to find a direct link to each one.

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1.Brother 1034 D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed: My husband bought this serger for me for Christmas 2 years ago and it has been SUCH a game changer for my sewing projects and capabilities. I use mine to finish off my seams giving them a professional look, or to sew knit projects. I couldn’t sew without this! I haven’t had any issues with mine, it always works great. It’s also super easy to thread and use- not at all intimidating as I once thought sergers would be.

2. Slim Flex Expanding Sewing Gauge: this is something that is on my wish list this year. This sewing tool is so awesome! It’s an expandable gauge to mark button holes evenly along a garment placket, as well as mark pleats, hooks, gathers, etc- saving so much time!

3. Life Is Hard, Sewing Is Easy Tee: Another item on my wishlist is this t-shirt. I think it pretty much speaks for itself!! Need for an everyday top. Any Sewist woud love this.

4. Fiskars Micro Tip Scissors: I have a lot of scissors. A lot. I’ve found I’m constantly reaching for these guys. These small scissors are super sharp and just the right size for trimming threads, adding notches, clipping, trimming seam allowances, etc. Perfect stocking stuffer!

5. Bobbinsaver: This item is something I never knew I needed. It’s a little rubber donut, and makes for the most perfect bobbin storage holder. Bobbins fit just right into the hollowed donut slot, and all of the threads stay inside instead of unraveling into a big mess. Love my bobbinsaver!!

6. Sewist Necklace: I’ve wanted this sweet necklace ever since it launched last year. If you’re looking for a more meaningful gift, this would be perfect. It also comes in two metal options: silver or gold. Just in case my husband is reading this- I would choose the gold! 😉

7. Tulip Patchwork Glass Head Pins 60 pk: My mom has these pins and I admire them every time I walk into her sewing room. Their glass heads are not only beautiful but allow you to iron over them, they wont melt under your iron like the plastic ones tend to do. These are really great quality too. I’ve stolen a few and they have held up really nicely.

8. Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion: If you’re looking for a good book option for the sewist in your life (or yourself!), this book is a fabulous choice. Anyone that makes their own clothes will really appreciate this book. This book is eye opening and packed full of information about the world of fast fashion and consumerism. I’lll never look at H&M the same way again. It’s also helped me make better choices when it comes to working towards making most of my clothes and what I buy in stores. Okay, writing this review is just making me want to go read it again! It’s that good.

9. Fashionary Women’s A4 Sketchbook: A few months ago I was shopping with a friend and she pointed this book out to me. Husband if you’re reading this- I want this one too! This fashion dictionary, sketchbook, diary combo looks really awesome. Perfect for planning projects, and sketching out ideas. It includes blended figure templates to brainstorm and design your next sewing project.

10. Clover Chaco Liner: I used this tool with almost every sewing project. This is one tool I have to have. It’s a chalk liner pen that makes marking, well anything, super easy, clean and fast. In fact, this is what I chose to give my friends at a favorite things sewing party one year.

11. Fiskars Tabletop Fabric Shears: These scissors are a game changer, and the only ones I use for cutting out projects now. These are made for cutting along a table top (or floor if you’re like me), and the angled blades make cutting really smooth. You don’t have to slightly lift the fabric as you cut, and it keeps everything laying nice and flat during the cutting process. LOVE THESE!

12. Riley Blake Blue and Gold Magnetic Pin Bowl: I also have a magnetic pin bowl and I love it. Sometimes I throw sewing feet or small scissors into it as well when I’m transporting things around my sewing room.

13. Olfa Frosted Ruler 6″ x 12″: I got this ruler recently and I’ve found I use it all of the time. It’s the perfect size for most of my pattern alterations/hacks and also while sewing. Not too big or small, it meets a lot of my needs. It’s also really pretty with the frosted finish on it!

14. Medical Pattern Paper: Another must have for my sewing room, is medical pattern paper. I’m always hacking patterns and I’m constantly pulling this paper out. It’s great for tracing pattern pieces, and making pattern adjustments.

15. Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron iTouch: I started using this iron a few months ago and it’s sooo good. Basically you can leave the metal plate laying down on your ironing board and when you let go of the handle a little foot pops up to hold the iron a few inches above the ironing board. ( very convenient to use). The steam functions are amazing, and it’s really cute too! If you’re looking for an iron upgrade or a bigger gifting option- go for this!

16. Clover Seam Ripper: if you don’t already have this seam ripper, you need it. It ergonomic shape fits perfectly into your hand, and the rubber grip makes it easy to use. Another tool I need and use with every single sewing project.

17. Sewing is My Therapy T-Shirt: These shirts kill me! I feel this way all of the time. The way sewing calms me down and clears my head is my perfect therapy!!! Love this hilarious t-shirt- great gift for any kind of sewist!

18. OttLite Craft Anywhere Rechargable LED Lamp: I’ve been on the market for a new light for my sewing room and recently found this one. What caught my eye about this one is that it’s cordless! I have so many things already plugged in under my desk I didn’t need on more thing. I love that this lamp is easy to move around to where ever you need it! It’s currently in the mail on it’s way to me!

19. Kylie and The Machine Clothing Labels: Hands down, these are the best, funniest, cutest sew in clothing labels out there, personalizing any handmade garment. There are a lot of fun options to choose fun and any sewist would love these. I have this particular pack and I’ve really enjoyed them! Another great stocking stuffer!

20. Mrs. Meyer’s Rain Water Hand Lotion: I recently started using this lotion and it smells amazing! I love using it after a sewing session when my hands feel a little dry. You’re hands are your most important tool when it comes to sewing- don’t forget to take care of them!

I hope you you find these ideas helpful for either yourself or someone you love. I feel really proud of this list, and as you’ve noticed- some of these things are also on my Christmas list this year too. Wink wink husband! 😉 Happy gift giving season everyone!

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