Toaster Sweater with Measure Fabric

Hello hello! I’m in the thick of fall sewing this month with lots of fun things going on. First up is my third Toaster Sweater, pattern by Sew House Seven from Indiesew. You can see my other versions here and here. The story behind this Toaster Sweater is, well not very interesting actually but goesContinue reading “Toaster Sweater with Measure Fabric”

Project Sew My Style January: Toaster Sweater

Happy Toaster Sweater month! I’m so excited for my first Project Sew My Style post. This month was all about the Toaster Sweater #2 by Sew House Seven. I love this pattern, and it holds so many possibilities depending on the type of fabric you use. This toaster sweater is a mash-up of Toaster SweaterContinue reading “Project Sew My Style January: Toaster Sweater”

A Stylish New Year

Happy New Year my friends! As each year closes I find myself thinking of all my resolutions and goals I want to make for the coming new year, as we all do. Last year I was only a few months into sewing my own wardrobe, and I wasn’t quite sure where it was going yet,Continue reading “A Stylish New Year”