Citronille Challenge: Susanne





I am so excited to have been chosen to participate in the Citronille Challenge sponsored by Sew Mama Sew + Fiddlehead Artisan Supply!

Fiddlehead Artisan Supply sells these beautiful french patterns, designed by Astrid de Larocque- Latour. You can find patterns for babies, boys, girls and women. The patterns are simple enough, and very charming. Most of these patterns found on Fiddlehead Artisan Supply’s website (and in store) have been translated from French to English by Fiddlehead themselves. This particular pattern (Susanne) was translated by Astrid. I did have to read over the directions a few times to understand what the correct steps were, some were a little backward, but I figured it out very easily. The fabric I used for this dress is Clothesline Floral in Periwinkle by Cotton + Steel.


Abby of Fiddlehead explains how they came across these beautiful patterns:

“My story around how I am carrying these patterns is that I saw these patterns quite a few years ago, and really loved their style. What sweet children’s patterns! And while I like a slimmer look than many of the adult patterns, there were some that I really wanted to make – but, they were all in French…. I read around on some blogs and found that many people were purchasing the patterns in French from Citronille, and then either just trying to put them together based on the pattern pieces and the diagrams in the pattern, or trying to use Google Translator. So, I decided to try out carrying the few that she had translated into English herself, and when we got a positive response on them, we started making the translations so that we could offer a lot more of her styles.
When we were translating, we made an effort to only translate and not to add to the directions. (they aren’t our patterns, so we can’t really rewrite them!) The way I see her work, is that she loves to design, and comes up with lots of super sweet designs. (she has over 200 pattern designs at this point, many in multiple sizes!)”.
I am so happy with this adorable dress, and my two year old loved modeling it for me (which is a good sign). It looks like a very comfortable dress for a toddler to wear. How cute will this be in the fall with tights and a sweater!? And good news- this dress comes in women’s sizing as well! 😉
Her faces kill me ^^
I was picked to participate in this challenge with eleven other bloggers. Take a look at what they made to be inspired by other Citronille patterns because…. Yes, there’s a giveaway going on at Sew Mama Sew!
You can find my fellow blogger friends and their Citronille challenge projects here, now through Sept. 25th:
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Thank you Sew Mama Sew + Fiddlehead Artisan Supply for giving me this opportunity! I see more Citronille patterns in my future!

13 thoughts on “Citronille Challenge: Susanne

  1. I HAVE to make this dress for my sweet granddaughter. It is exactly what i have in mind when I want to dress her when we go berry picking for grandmas pies. She loves to help grandma pick berries. Adorable dress and adorable little model!


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