Merchant & Mills Sewing Book


I recently picked up Merchant & Mills Sewing Book at my local library, and I loved it so much I thought I’d share it. I have a few friends who have been asking me to help them learn how to use their sewing machines, and many with sewing questions. This book is a great recommendation to anyone out there who wants to learn sewing basics. I enjoyed reading it myself, and relearning techniques I have since forgotten and some that I have not used in a while. I have to say my favorite part was the intro, “Keep it simple and do it well, do it once and you will surely earn your outfit. Making is your opportunity to reclaim fashion for yourself”. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and making, and I love how personal and original I can be when I make my own clothes. Fashion is a means of self expression. Picking out my fabric, the pattern, and making it all my own gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and pride in my work, and abilities. Merchant and Mills desires for it’s readers to feel this creative joy, and by doing so clearly lays out the very basics of sewing from tools, hand sewing techniques, finishes, machine know how, etc. Even though I’ve been sewing for a few years, I learned a few new things from this book.

The second part of the books offers fifteen projects and two patterns with a step by step tutorial for each. This book explains the classical art of sewing in a traditional way, and ignites a passion to create in its readers.

This year Merchant & Mills also released Elementary Sewing Skills  + another one I can’t wait to get my hands on: Merchant & Mills Workbook. I hope this is a helpful reference for anyone who feels ready to dive into the sewing world, or anyone who wants to brush up on the sewing basics!

One thought on “Merchant & Mills Sewing Book

  1. Sara

    We have so LOVED getting the “Sara Project” messages. You are truly amazing. This latest message showing Olivia showing off your creation is delightful. It looks as though you have a fashion model in the family.

    We saw a great movie last Saturday about a start up internet business we thought you would like to see. It is called the “The Intern” and stars Anne Hathaway and Peter DeNero and is the best movie we have seen in a long long time. Trust us and go see it.

    We think your Sara Project can be wildly successful especially among young “Mormon Moms” as well as young families everywhere.


    Grandma Rose and Grandpa Rick


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