LA Garment District

While visiting home for the Holidays, I made sure to set aside a day for some serious fabric shopping in downtown LA, the garment district. It was amazing. The day began at Michael Levine. This store front! Michael Levine had a great selection of EVERYTHING. My favorite find here was a large selection of beautiful woven fabrics, I wanted a little of everything.





Michael Levine pricing is about $10 a yard on average. Great customer service! Everyone was so kind, and very helpful. I found a snagged thread on the fabric I wanted and they cut off a good 3/4 yard, and then began cutting my piece of fabric. The atmosphere was really cool too, I noticed a lot of fashion students, and interesting looking people popping in and out. I will definitely be going back. After Michael Levine, we wondered around some nearby shops; lots of costume shops, and tons of discounted fabric all of the streets.


Next up, my mom and I headed to MOOD of course. It’s about 20 minutes down the road from the garment district. I’ve been to Mood in New York City before, but this was my first visit to their LA location. Make sure to park in the back!



Oh, Mood. How I love you. I just wondered around in awe for a good hour, desperately wishing I lived across the street. Swoon.





I went in hoping to find some great denim for my Kendall Skinnies. I was slightly disappointed by the fact that they don’t label the fabric content, so you have to go completely off of touch. But I found some 🙂




It was a fabulous day… except for the 2 hour and 40 minute drive home in heavy traffic. But, TOTAALLLY worth it. I love fabric.


8 thoughts on “LA Garment District

  1. That must have been sooooo hard to chose from! So much choices! I would also want to have a piece of all 😉 or almost all 😉 I have ordered already 2 (or was it 3?) times online at Michael Levine Fabrics and was very happy with it. Must be great to be there in that overwhelming fabric palace!


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