Mingo and Grace Dress MG2716


I recently got this dress pattern from Mingo and Grace. I feel like most of the dresses I have made are very similar to this style, there’s something about this look that I can’t get away from. It’s so classic, and feminine. This pattern comes with two skirt options: pleats and gathers. I love the crisp, tailored look of pleats, so I chose pleats.

The pattern was very quick and simple to put together. The directions were well illustrated and clearly written. I went with a size 4. Everything fits great expect for the waist. It’s slightly too snug, but it still works. I did not add on extra length, or edit the pattern in anyway. I’m really happy with the results. It’s a beautiful dress.

I also really love the sleeves. They hit just a little above the elbow, and have a loose fit. Oh and the pockets!!!! 🙌🏻

My fabric is from Joann’s Fabric. It’s currently on sale too! I used the wrong side of the fabric for my right side. It just made more sense to me visually.

Now go get yourself one too! Mingoandgrace.com.

7 thoughts on “Mingo and Grace Dress MG2716

  1. It´s beautiful Sara! I love the pattern and I love the fabric you chose. I really like the shape of the dress and how it fits you! I didn´t know this patterns brand, so I´m going to have a look on the website… I´m pretty sure I´ll buy something XD



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