Baby Lock Celebrate Serger

This post is sponsored and the machine was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.

In addition to my Baby lock Brilliant sewing machine, Baby Lock has also generously gifted a serger to me! I used Baby Lock sergers in college while studying clothing construction many years ago, and I loved using them. I’ve always heard a lot of great things, so I am super excited to add this machine to my line up. Today I’m going to tell you all about my new serger from Baby lock: Celebrate!

My number one favorite feature HAS to be the Jet Air Threading feature. It super easy to use and makes threading this machine so much faster. You can also thread the machine in any order you want– unlike my past serger! Such an amazing feature!

Can you say built in needle threader!? My last serger did not have this feature either, and mannnn I love it! Threading the needles just got so much easier.

It’s also so easy to adjust the tension on this machine and the instruction manual is a really great resource for figuring out what threads need to be adjusted to achieve perfect tension for your fabric. Very user friendly! I love the color coded threads shown in the manual as well as the troubleshooting visuals.

I am also very impressed with all of the different finishes you can do with this machine. Again, the reference guide/manual provides very clear instructions and illustrations to walk you through setting up your machine to achieve specific finishes, such as:

4-Thread Overlock. This is probably my most used setting:

3-Thread Overlock, great for when you want a little less bulk in your seams:

Rolled Edge Finish. I will be using this one a lot as well! Gorgeous and minimal finish for sleeves or hems. (Of course, it looks much better when using matching thread!).

Lettuce Edge. I have been obsessed with this finish and I’m so happy that now I can achieve it on my own with this machine! I’m so excited to try this one as a sleeve finish.

Belt Loops and Button Loops.

3- Thread Rolled Hem Seaming Sheers or light weight fabrics. Love this as a seam finish for lighter weight garments and fabrics!

2-Thread Overlock Flatlock Seams. I’m still mastering this technique, but I love idea of it for active wear and sweatshirts!

Blind Hemming! This is a quick and easy way to finish a hemline if you don’t want to finish it by hand! Matching thread (and a good press) will make this look almost invisible.

Also included are 2-Thread Rolled Edge and Gathering!

I love the many finishing options the Baby Lock Celebrate offers!!

The manual also walks the user through turning corners and curves with the serger! I’m so impressed with this manual, the online resources for this machine, and the machine itself! I can’t wait to try out all of these features, create garments with high quality finishes, and share them with you! Stay tuned!

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