My Essential Sewing Tools Guide

I’ve recently been asked by a few followers to share my favorite sewing tools with you all. I’ve spent some time really thinking about what tools I reach for the most, and what tools I always have on hand. Below I have linked and described why I love each item! This post contains affiliate links that give me a small commission from your purchase. All items can also be found on amazon. If you wish to view my amazon shop featuring all of these tools- click on this link.

  1. Clover Chalk Pen: I have been using these for years! They are awesome for marking any lines you might need on your fabric. I would recommend grabbing white and a darker color so you’re covered for both light and dark fabrics.
  2. Point Turner: i reach for this tool when I need a perfect point! I used it the other day for my collared shirt, my collar has a perfect point thanks to this tool.
  3. Seam Gauge: I can’t sew without this tool! I use it for so many things, like measuring a hem, seam allowance, double top stitching, etc and etc. I always have it nearby for every project.
  4. Mettler Metrosene Thread: this 100% polyester thread kit is great to have on hand, you’ll be ready for any project. I love the quality Mettler thread provides to any sewing project.
  5. Thread Snips: I like to clip my threads as I’m working my way through a project, and these are so handy. Small and easy to grab to quickly clean up any unwanted threads hanging off a seam.
  6. Bobbin Saver: I love this thing! It holds all my bobbins and keeps them from slipping and sliding around all over my drawer. Makes it easy to find what I’m looking for too!
  7. Zirkel Pin Magnet: love me a good pin magnet! I have this in black, and it’s been a great pin dish. Makes grabbing a pin real quick super easy.
  8. Measuring Tape: I have all kinds of measuring tapes and these little guys are my favorite. They don’t take up a whole lot of space in your drawer like normal measuring tapes do, and they are super handy to take with you on a shopping trip. I recently lost mine (thanks kids), so I totally recommend getting this three pack. They are great to have on hand if you lose one.
  9. Air Erasable Marker: This marker is fantastic! It’s great for marking up your fabric, and the ink disappears with in a few hours on its own. If you need the ink to disappear faster, it has an eraser on the other end of the marker, and works great. It’s a good one to have on hand as well.
  10. Ergonomic Seam Ripper: this seam ripper has a little rubber grip that makes it easy to hold and comfortable to use. I’ve tried a few different seam rippers and this one is my favorite.
  11. Oliso Smart Iron: I’ve had my Oliso Smart Iron for 4 years now. I use it for every project and it’s still going strong. Smart technology allows the iron to raise and fall just by a single touch so you can leave it with the iron plate laying face down as you would when ironing. Its so convenient to use and performs really well. Its a must have!!! Would make a great gift!
  12. Glass Head Pins: not only are they pretty, but they have a no melt technology so they can withstand the heat of your iron! I’ve had plastic pins forever and I recently upgraded to these!
  13. Fiskars Table Top Scissors: these are a GAME CHANGER when it comes to cutting our your pattern pieces. The raised handle allows the fabric to remain laying flat while you cut out a project. So convenient and makes the tedious cutting process go a lot smoother.
  14. Wash Away Wonder Tape: I use this for applying pockets, plackets, anything you have to topstitch in place. It’s double-sided 1/4″ tape that holds really well through the sewing process and washes away in the laundry.
  15. Fray Check: every sewist must have this on hand at all times. Keeps raw edges from fraying. Use it for buttonholes, raw edges, etc.

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