LA Garment District

While visiting home for the Holidays, I made sure to set aside a day for some serious fabric shopping in downtown LA, the garment district. It was amazing. The day began at Michael Levine. This store front! Michael Levine had a great selection of EVERYTHING. My favorite find here was a large selection of beautiful wovenContinue reading “LA Garment District”

DIY Wired Fabric Head Wraps

I recently found these head wraps at Nordstrom and Forever 21 and instantly knew I had to make some for myself. These are great because you can use scraps of fabric you may have lying around your house. They are easy to make, and stay in place all day because of the wire inside. YouContinue reading “DIY Wired Fabric Head Wraps”

DIY Knotted Fabric Bow Clip

I created this knotted fabric bow to go along with a dress I recently made for my daughter. This bow takes minutes to put together, and is a great accessory for any baby girl. Here’s how I made it: 1. Create your pattern. My pattern is 6″ long x 2″ wide with rounded ends. CutContinue reading “DIY Knotted Fabric Bow Clip”

Happy Fourth Banner

There’s something about a fireplace mantel decked out for the upcoming holiday that gets me every time. I have come to terms with the realization that I HAVE to have a banner for every holiday. I made this one for the Fourth of July this year. The best part about this particular banner is thatContinue reading “Happy Fourth Banner”

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

We celebrated my husband’s birthday this past weekend. I wanted to make him a special cake to celebrate his big day. I decided to go with a double layer chocolate cake with a cool whip strawberry fruit filling, coated in cream cheese frosted goodness. It was a hit. He loved it. This cake is soooooContinue reading “Chocolate Strawberry Cake”

My Favorite Comfort Food

This is my FAVORITE comfort food. While growing up, I remember my mom making this for me on those cold wintery California days… so what if it was only 60 degrees outside. Now that I am in Utah I love it even more. I also like to make this when anyone in my family comesContinue reading “My Favorite Comfort Food”

DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial

These are my go to baby gifts. They are awesome. I also made some for myself and I used them with every feeding from 0-6 months. They are so absorbent, and keep mama and baby clean. I love these!! Here is a simple step by step tutorial so you can make them too. Enjoy! TheseContinue reading “DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial”